How does this ministry make a difference?

Toy Store for Jesus gives parents in our SYBA communities the opportunity to receive toys for their children for Christmas.  The toys are the reason they visit the store, but they gain so much more.  Parents are able to meet people from our SYBA churches who love on them and share the love of our Savior, Jesus.  We hope to build a relationship with these families and introduce them to other ministries offered by our Association.

Why is there a need for a toy store?

Some families in our community are strapped for finances due to the economy, an illness in the home, a parent losing their job and many other reasons.  These parents are concerned about what they will be able to give to their children on Christmas morning.  Children look for toys at Christmas, and it saddens the heart of any parent to know they will be unable to give their precious children a good Christmas.  That’s where Toy Store for Jesus steps in.  We want to love on these parents as Jesus would and offer them a way to make Christmas more special this year.

Who is able to shop at the store?

Parents are recommended to us by our area school guidance counselors, social workers, partnership agencies and  SYBA pastors in the community.  We only accept referrals.  Parents who are recommended will receive a phone call from a Toy Store for Jesus volunteer, who will explain the ministry and schedule an appointment.  Appointments are required to come.

What does a parent experience at the store?

Parents see loving people when they receive their toys, people who talk with them and introduce them to other programs we offer.  We want their experience to be affirming of their love for their children and one that encourages them.  We truly want their Christmas to be blessed this year.

Is there a charge to parents? 

Parents are not charged for toys.  Toys are donated by our SYBA churches and others in the community.  The parents are given an opportunity to make a donation.  We feel this gives them the sense of participation in providing Christmas for their children.  Any monies given are used to purchase additional toys.  No one is turned away if they do not make a donation.

Are children able to come with parents?

Children are not permitted.  Parents will need to make their own childcare arrangements.

Do parents hear about Jesus?

Yes, every parent will speak to a SYBA volunteer who shares the purpose of our store, explains other programs we offer, and shares the love of Jesus.  Each parent offered a New Testament or Bible if they do not have one.

Do you minister to families beyond Christmas?

Yes, we will follow-up with families after Christmas.  We want to see if they have any other needs of food and see if we can continue to pray for their family.  We also want to give them information on our churches if they are seeking a church home.

What are the dates this year?

Rowan County: Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Davie County: Thursday – Saturday, December 8-10, 2022
Iredell County: December 13, 2022, Thursday – Saturday, December 15-17, 2022

Where is the store?

The Rowan County store is Cornerstone Baptist Church in Cleveland. (Directions). The Davie County store is Mocksville First Baptist in Mocksville. (Directions).  The Iredell County store is at Troutman Baptist Church in Troutman. (Directions).

Who provides the toys?

The members of our SYBA churches and individuals, and some local businesses and organizations provide toys and/or financial donations throughout the year.

How can I help?

You can pray, give and volunteer.   Look under the “Pray” tab for ways to pray for the store.  Look under the “Give” tab to read about ways to give.  Look under the “Volunteer” tab to read about ways to volunteer.  We welcome your involvement!

Can I give toys or money?

You can give either.  You can purchase toys yourself and bring them to the SYBA office or you can donate monies.  If you make a monetary donation, volunteers from our shopping team will purchase toys on your behalf.  Several local businesses give us a discount, which gives us greater shopping power.

Who may volunteer?

Toy Store for Jesus is a ministry of the South Yadkin Baptist Association.  Volunteers must be members of one of our churches and they must be 18 or older to work at the actual store.  However, there are many ways for those younger than 18 to serve in preparation of the store, i.e. sorting and pricing, etc. This is an opportunity to work together with and get to know the folks in your sister churches.

Can I help do anything before December to help the ministry prepare?

Yes, if you are interested in volunteering, call Mary Jane Hoover at 704-873-4372, ext. 3.  We need people to organize toys, assist with mailings, make telephone calls, enter data and more.  Depending on your interest, we will find a place for you to serve.

What volunteers do you need at the store?

We need volunteers to serve at the store as registration aides, guest bag organizers, runners, and hosts/hostesses.  Descriptions of each position are available under the “Volunteers” tab. We have a place for you!

How can my church get involved?

Please ask your Pastor to participate by advertising Toy Store for Jesus, especially during the months of October and November.  Your church may collect toys or money for toys as well as encourage members to volunteer.  Organizing a toy drive is a fun way to participate.  If you want ideas, call Mary Jane Hoover at 704-873-4372, ext. 3, or email her at mhoover@sybaptist.org.

How can I pray?

Join with us in praying for Toy Store for Jesus as we share the love of Jesus at Christmas.

Pray for the children who will receive the toys that . . . they see their parents love for Jesus and love for them, they find the toys they were hoping for under their tree, they understand what the true meaning of Christmas is and they are full of smiles, laughter and truly enjoy this Christmas more than any other.

Pray for the parents that . . . they will be able to give the perfect toys for their children, they will be loved on by our volunteers, they will leave encouraged and hopeful, their hearts and minds will be open to hear about a Savior who loves them and wants a personal relationship with them, and they will grasp how deeply loved they are by Him.

Pray for the volunteers who will serve at the store that . . . they are compassionate with everyone they meet, they are able to pack toys the children are hoping for, they model the love of Jesus through their words and actions and they are renewed in their own relationship with their Savior.

Pray for the churches in our Association that . . . they will give toys and money to provide toys for children in our community, they will share the excitement of the store with their members so many will volunteer, and they will reach the parents who live in their communities.

Pray for individuals, families, businesses and others to give donations.

Thank you for praying!