The Christmas Toy Store began in 1994 under the leadership of Sandra Harrison.  Her husband, Ron, was Director of Missions for the Association until he retired in August of 2015.  When they moved to the area, she prayed about how the Lord would have her serve.  She felt burdened to reach out to the children, and her mind immediately went to thoughts of an after-school care or a clothing closet.  She thought the last thing children needed were toys, surely they had other more important needs to meet first.  After much prayer, Sandra obeyed God, and the first year the store helped 364 children.

Many volunteers are needed to serve in the store each year.   It takes a lot of volunteers from our churches to make the Toy Store for Jesus a success.  Each year, God brings His people together through this ministry.

People donate toys, they donate monies and they give their time by volunteering at the store.  However, the store is about much more than just toys.  We share the love of Jesus with each person who comes to the store, and we find out how we can pray for their families during Christmas.

Over the past years, thousands of children have received toys and many parents have accepted Jesus into their lives.

In May 2013, Sandra Harrison retired from the Toy Store after 18 years of faithful service.  We will be forever grateful for Mrs. Harrison’s service to the Lord. The ministry now continues under the leadership of Mary Jane Hoover, Ministry Coordinator for SYBA.

Our history is rich, and we look forward to building upon that history in a greater way in the future.