Stories of Changed Lives

“We think the world of you all!  Thank you so much for helping some of our precious kiddos from (a local school) have a good Christmas.”

“I have 4 children.  Thank you for this opportunity.  This year has been difficult to say the least.  What you are doing is such a blessing!  God bless you.”

“Thank y’all so much for what you do for this community.  Y’all are truly a blessing!”

“Thank you to the people involved in your Toy Store for Jesus! You guys made this Christmas a wonderful experience for my children and myself! We are so grateful God led us to your ministry! I had never heard of or had a need for this kind of help before and I am so glad information was sent to my children’s school this year! Thank you again for the toys and the boxes of food. It really was a blessing!”

“Praise God for people like you.  Y’all made Christmas special this year.”