In Honor of

Many people influence our lives and impact us in a positive way.  You can now honor those coaches, teachers, social workers, nurses, childcare workers, and others whom you admire and want to recognize.  It may be a beloved teacher, a coworker who makes the workplace better because they are there, or a pastor who has touched your life.  Whoever you want to honor, you can do it through Toy Store for Jesus.

For every monetary donation of $25 or more, you may specify someone you want to give a gift “In Honor Of”.  Send the person’s name and mailing address along with your donation to us, and we will mail a beautiful card with the following message:

In Honor of You

This gift has been presented to us by

(the person’s name will be written here)


You are being recognized because of the

positive impact you have on others in our community.

Thank you for making such a difference.

You can be proud that this gift will provide

new toys for children in Iredell, Davie, and Rowan Counties

who will now wake up on Christmas morning

to find gifts under their Christmas tree.

In Honor Of You cards are sent all throughout the year.  So whenever you choose to honor someone, whether for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, we will mail a card on your behalf.  During the holiday season, many businesses, clubs, church groups and individuals look for ways to give gifts.  Giving toys is a perfect gift, and we take care of the acknowledgement card.

These are great keepsakes and will truly touch anyone you choose to recognize.

If you have any questions, contact Mary Jane Hoover, Ministry Assistant, 704-873-4372, ext. 3, or email her at

We hope you will consider giving in someone’s honor.