Volunteer Roles

The world we find ourselves living in has changed due to the COVID-19 virus and the resulting worldwide pandemic.  Our 2020 Toy Store for Jesus ministry will be different this December; however, we do not intend to lose the ultimate reason this ministry exists and that is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   In order to keep our invited guests, our volunteers and staff safe and healthy, we will offer Christmas toy assistance through drive-thru pickup appointments only.  No guests will be entering our host churches, but will remain in their cars at all times.

This is a very rewarding ministry to serve those seeking assistance for Christmas toys.  We welcome volunteers to serve prior to our stores opening by prepacking bags of toys for our invited guests and serving on the days our stores are open at our three locations.  Volunteers serving in the following roles should be 18 or older and a member of one of our SYBA churches.  Volunteers should plan to follow suggested CDC guidelines.  As expected, most volunteer roles on store days will be outside.  Please dress appropriately!


These volunteers will be responsible for prepacking toys for each of our invited guests.  Volunteers will mainly serve at our Iredell County location, Troutman Baptist Church in November and early December.   Toys will be selected from our stock of toys, placed in a bag(s) and will make sure the bag(s) is easily identified for our Runner volunteers.   Volunteers will be choosing toys and items based on information our invited guests have given us on the initial recommendation form.


Greeters will be serving outside at our first verification station.  They will welcome our guests, review the information we have for them and verify their appointment with us.  The greeters will instruct our invited guests to remain in their cars and drive to the next station where they will meet one of our Encouragers and receive their toys.  The Greeter will give our guest’s information form to one of our Runners.


Runners, as in past years need to be physically strong and are friendly and energetic.  Runners will constantly be back and forth from the outside first verification station, inside the church building to pick up prepacked toys and to the outside Encourager’s station to place the toys inside the guests vehicles.  They will retrieve all bags and packages for their assigned guest and will remain with the items until placing the toys in the guest’s vehicle.  Placing items in the vehicles will be after our guest has spoken and prayed with our Encourager.  Runners will constantly be on the move!


Pastors or seasoned lay leaders who actively share the Gospel and enjoy praying with people should consider serving as an Encourager.  Please contact Noel Williamson (nwilliamson@sybaptist.org), SYBA Executive Director to serve at our Rowan or Iredell County stores.  Encouragers wanting to serve in Davie County should contact Pastor Donnie Chapman (chapman.donnie@gmail.com), Jerusalem Baptist Church.


Our volunteer aides will mostly serve inside the church building, making sure the prepacked toys are organized so the Runners will be able to find and retrieve them quickly.  They will assist the Runners in locating all items for the Runner’s assigned guests and may need to assist the Runners in carrying them to the guest’s vehicles.     Aides will constantly be organizing toys for “next invited guests” including those expected on other days.