Volunteer Roles

This is a very rewarding ministry to serve those seeking assistance for Christmas toys.  We welcome volunteers from our SYBA churches to serve prior to our stores opening by prepacking bags of toys for our invited guests and serving on the days our stores are open at our three locations.  Volunteers serving in the following roles should be 18 years or older.


These volunteers serve at the SYBA office early October until the Toy Store for Jesus opens at the county locations.  They are responsible for contacting our referred guests, verifying information given on their referral form and obtaining additional information for us to be able to assist with their child’s Christmas wish list.      Pre-Store volunteers should be outgoing and have great phone skills.   They are responsible for detailed recording keeping.   Some computer skills would be helpful for this position.   They complete a confirmation letter to our invited guests and mails them in a promptly manner.  Please contact Mary Jane Hoover at mhoover@sybaptist.org or 704 873-4372, ext. 3 to commit to serving in this role or to learn more about these positions.


These volunteers will be responsible for prepacking toys for each of our invited guests.  Volunteers will mainly serve at our Iredell County location, Troutman Baptist Church in November and early December.   They will select toys from our stock of toys, place them in a bag(s) and make sure the bag(s) is easily identified for our Runner volunteers.   Volunteers will be choosing toys and items based on information given by our invited guests on the initial recommendation form.


This job is for kind extroverts who do not mind being on their feet.  Greeters are the first people to say hello, make sure our guests feel welcomed and explain the initial process of our guest’s appointment to them.  The greeter acknowledges our guests’ appointments by viewing their confirmation letter and identification and asks them to have those documents ready for the Registration Aides.  The Greeter introduces our guest to the Registration Aide volunteers and shows them the refreshment table.  They also introduce them to our Host/Hostess volunteers.


A friendly, detail-oriented person who may prefer a sitting position may enjoy this responsibility.  They meet with each guest to confirm or update their information on file.  The Registration Aide checks off each guest’s name on our daily schedule and confirms their appointment time with the documents provided.   Once a guest’s information has been verified and the appointment confirmed on our daily schedule they are reintroduced to the Greeter who helps them continue to the next phase of their appointment.


This volunteer works with our host church kitchen representative making sure the snack table remains filled with a variety of items for our guests to enjoy.  Some guests prefer to serve themselves, while others need the special attention only you can give!


One of the most important jobs at the Toy Store for Jesus is the host/hostess.  They have the rewarding privilege of introducing our guests to our SYBA Encouragers, organizing the distribution of the bags of toys with our Guest Aides and ensuring the Runners have the correct bags of toys ready to assist our guests to their vehicles.   Hosts will mainly be on their feet and need to have organizational skills to help the day flow smoothly and orderly.


Guest aides will work closely with our Host or Hostess volunteers and will be responsible for locating the correct number of bagged toys for an individual family.  They will make sure the bags of toys are ready after our guests are finished speaking with one of our SYBA Encouragers.  Guest Aides will remain with the bags of toys until they are able to transfer the responsibility of the pre-bags of toys to our guest and the Runner volunteer who will help  get the bags of toys in the vehicle.


This position is for a physically strong person who is friendly and energetic.  Runners will be the last point of contact with our guest and will leave a lasting impression.  Runners will coordinate with our Guest Aides, making sure all pre-bagged toys are ready and assist our guests to their vehicles.  They will have our guests printed profile form and will return it immediately to our Registration Aides once all toys have been loaded and our guests have departed.


Encouragers have the most important role with the Toy Store for Jesus.    They have the privilege of speaking one on one with our guests to share the message of Christ with them, many times leading them in praying to ask Jesus into their lives as Savior.  They pray and encourage our guests who are already Believers.  This role is great for our SYBA pastors, church staff members or others who have the gift of evangelism.  Please contact Noel Williamson at nwilliamson@sybaptist.org or 704 873-4372, ext. 2 to commit to serving in this role or to learn more.