Join with us in praying for Toy Store for Jesus as we share the love of Jesus at Christmas.

  • Pray for the children who will receive the toys that . . . they see their parents love for Jesus and love for them, they find the toys they were hoping for under their tree, they understand what the true meaning of Christmas is and they are full of smiles, laughter and truly enjoy this Christmas more than any other.
  • Pray for the parents who will shop at the store that . . . they will find the perfect toys for their children, they will be loved on by our volunteers, they will leave encouraged and hopeful, their hearts and minds will be open to hear about a Savior who loves them and wants a personal relationship with them, and they will grasp how deeply loved they are by Him.
  • Pray for the volunteers who will serve at the store that . . . they are compassionate with everyone they meet, they help parents find the toys they are hoping for, they model the love of Jesus through their words and actions and they are renewed in their own relationship with their Savior.
  • Pray for the churches in our Association that . . . they will give toys and monies in greater numbers this year to be able to provide toys for more children in our community, they will share the excitement of the store with their people so many will volunteer and they will reach out to the parents who live in their communities to invite to their church.
  • Pray for individuals, families, businesses and others to give donations this year.

Thank you for praying.