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Volunteer Roles:

You can make a difference in people’s lives at the Toy Store for Jesus!  Our goal is to share the love of Jesus and provide new toys to families in need so that they can give their children a memorable Christmas.  Most importantly, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and offer to pray with every family we serve.

If you are a member of one of the SYBA churches, you are invited to serve in this joyous and fulfilling ministry.  You must be 18 or older to work at the actual store.  However, there are many ways for those younger than 18 to serve in preparation of the store, i.e. sorting and pricing, etc. Whatever your strengths are, we have areas for you to use your gifts.  You will be able to bless these families in an eternal way and be a part of what God is doing through your Association.  If you aren’t a member of one of the SYBA churches, you can still minister by donating money, new toys, snacks and refreshments, paper good such as napkins and plates, or new or gently used coats.

Following are volunteer role descriptions that can help you decide which position is right for you:


This job is for kind extroverts who don’t mind being on their feet.  Greeters are the first people to say hello and the last to say goodbye to guests.  They are there to welcome everyone to the Toy Store for Jesus and to make folks feel like they belong.  The greeter first shows guests to the registration desk, where the Registration Aide verifies their information.

Registration Aide

A friendly, detail-oriented person who may prefer a sitting position may desire this responsibility.  They meet with each guest to confirm or update their information on file.  The Registration Aide then checks off each guest’s name, confirming his or her arrival and appointment time.  Then they introduce the guest to the Registration Host.  Picture yourself being the one responsible for the vital task of maintaining our records, and think about how your loving personality could give assurance to a client who has never visited before.


This position is for a physically strong person who is friendly and energetic.  Runners basically go back and forth, making friends with and guiding guests to and from the shopping phase.  A runner always makes sure that he or she has the guest’s information as they transition, and kindly escorts them to their vehicles at the appropriate time.  As they leave, the runner verifies that the guest has all of their shopping bags and assists with carrying everything.  The runner returns the paperwork to the Registration Aide as they leave the building with the guest.

Guest Aides

If you love shopping and talking, can add and subtract, and don’t mind being on your feet, this is the job for you!  You will help guests pick out Christmas gifts for their children.  Guest Aides are introduced  to guests by the Shopping Host.  They walk the guests to each appropriate table, shopping for one child at a time, according to age and gender.  They also keep track of how much is “spent” on each child.  The guests are never charged for the toys, but price tags are used, and a limit it given, to ensure that toys are equally distributed.  When shopping is complete, guest aides take the guests and their paperwork back to a runner, who will escort them to their vehicles.

Coat Helpers

We need folks who are willing to hang donated, gently used or new winter coats for our guests to take home with them.  A coat helper is on his or her feet a lot and ensures that coats for each size, gender, and age are always available and easy to find.  This person may be asked to help a guest find what he or she is looking for.  Even a less talkative person can do this because of the dedication and focus with which they operate.


This is a very fun job for someone who has a lot of energy, focus and organizational skills.  Stockers keep the gift tables well stocked.  Guests need to have a nice orderly presentation of a variety of price ranges and types of toys so that they can make quick, easy and satisfying decisions.  This job is fast-paced, and is suited for someone who is good at evaluating and assessing the needs of each table.




If you have any questions about serving or want more information, contact Mary Jane Hoover at 704-873-4372, ext. 3 , or email her at mhoover@sybaptist.org. .  We appreciate you finding out more information about how you can be a part of Toy Store for Jesus!